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crossing just north of anchorage alaska >> victor martin told his cousin he was third in line of seven hiking when they came across the grizzly bear. alaska state troopers said at they believe she was with a couplub. >> the bear bit in the stomach and he started kicking him as hard as he could >> to hikers in the front of the line at work at that first suffered the worst injuries victor had a bite wound above the ankle the other team had met on should long it was a 38 educational course. victor is on his way back home to richmond it does not regret taking the course. >> the latest on the bryan stowe oil investigation when we return we'll be right back. >> >> two men suspected of beating bryan stowe have been connected to other beatings outside of the stadium the same days the was being they attacked another fan that was in giants gear. >> reports reveal investigators have photos taken here at dodger stadium placing the two suspects at the game they of also shown as cell from our records. this is their first photographs after they were arrested. his attorney did not believe they have th
louisiana. ms. landrieu: mr. president, thank you. the senator from alaska is here to finish out this segment which is focusing on the difficulties that business is going to have. and i thank the senator from minnesota for joining us for this segment. i just wanted to get one more thing in the record before yielding to the senator from alaska. i said the spending is high, 25% of g.d.p. everyone acknowledges that. we're working hard to get it down. but i want to put in the record that revenues coming into the treasury are the lowest since world war ii at 14%. we don't have revenues in this solution because democrats have compromised and conceded on this point, which is a very difficult compromise for us to make when faced with the truth of the situation. but in trying to compromise, we have done that. we have not done that halfway. and i hope the minority leader will reengage with the majority leader having said last night he didn't feel like he wanted to engage with the majority to try to come to a compromise, because businesses are depending on it. finally, i want to put into th
crossing a river in alaska pollock he was third in the line of seven hikers alaska state troopers said the problems were with the bear may have initiated the attack it was a survival education course. we will year from one of the teens in the terrifying report current >> police were responding little after 930 a woman in our forest was walking home when she heard gunshots and then realized that she had been shot in the back she is in the hospital with a non a life-threatening injuries >> national stories we're following we're only seven days away from august 2nd and the government will not be able to pay its bills the president once again address the nation on these issues it offers republicans the plans that they want and that the report public needs >> i am willing to put politics aside because i care about solving the problem the ollie reason this balanced approach is not on the wall right down republicans in congress insisted on on a different approach a cuts only approach, an approach that doesn't ask wealthy americans or corporation to contribute at all >> john boehner responded
allegiance to sarah palin. it is written by frank bailey who worked with her in alaska. i spoke with him a few days ago. >> bill: what is the headline of your book? what do you want people to take away from it? sphwhrit. >> the colonel of the alaska state troopers has this book on his shelf as an example of what happens when we lose our way. i lost my way and tell my story in this book and bare my soul and so did my boss. >> bill: i didn't see anything that bad. i don't any. tell me how the governor lost her way. >> the person that we saw in 2005, that person who would fight for alaska, bill, who would stand up for ethics in alaska, stand for honesty, and be a competent leader, we lost that to the lime light, to the how to you say it to the power and the fame of being constantly followed by the media. she craved that and being governor became second fiddle. >> bill: that might be -- >> folks here in alaska realized it. >> bill: and maybe that is why reresigned. i can't give my full attention to the governor's job because i have a national platform now. maybe that was a good thing. i'm no
. just a few airlines past those savings on to customers such as alaska airlines. >> constructions oakland airport is on hold. work on a new control tower with a 60 people that were on the that $38 million project were told not to come to work this morning. >> a gun battle on the streets of san francisco. tensions soaring. >> i am angry i am hurt and i want the truth. >> a prominent civil-rights law firm takes on the case. >> what we have more executions-excuses and-- tonight, the new allegations and what police have to say about the latest challenge to their version of the killing. >> the family of canada harding has not hired an attorney. dan kerman is telling us what the family of canada hurting. april lee who was kishinev harding-- his name is kenneth harding. not relevant says his family's attorney. >> no matter his criminal background that is not a means in and of its self to be shot down and killed. >> distraught family members to not believe the san francisco police attorneys account of confrontation with police and the baby district. >> i am angry. i am hurt in the one jus
on the uconn river within yukon charlie national preserve in alaska. this provision was put in at the request of mr. young from alaska who is upset with the national park service law enforcement at the preserve. last summer two park rangers arrested a 70-year-old following an altercation during a boat safety inspection. this case is still before the courts, but it has stirred considerable local anger, especially when it was learned the two rangers had handcuffed but later released another local resident who refused to speak to rangers when approached. now, in this situation, mr. young of alaska is a long-time friend of mine. and i am very hesitant to offer this amendment to strike his provision, but i think he's already won the case. the people there -- the two rangers have been reassigned to another duty. and they do have jurisdiction. i have discussed this with the chairman, chairman young, and i -- the park service always has jurisdiction within the national park. now the gentleman from alaska suggested that the coast guard had jurisdiction, or the state had jurisdiction, but we have check
a trip to alaska. laura anthony reports on the attack and program that took him to the ream yont yoet wilderness. >> a lot of hugs and kiss autos she is cooking for her grandson victor martin. the 18-year-old sur prifed a bear attack in alaska. >> you talked to him today? >> yes. >> what did he say? >> he's ready to come home. he was having pain in his legs. >> martin and six others were attacked by a grizzly with her cubs. the seven were in the third week of a 30 day wilderness survival course offered by a wyoming based national outdoor leadership school. >> he helped himself and came back for other children. >> he attends richmond leadership school. he was chosen to receive a $4,000 scholarship for the program. >> we had three students participate the year before and came back as leaders on campus. i think it's incredible opportunity for them. >> 11 hours per day, uphill. >> martin's 15-year-old cousin left after six days. >> it seemed cool to go camping but after a while sleeping intents and eating outside, having to do everything outside. i don't like it no more. >> despite what h
, three counties in alaska, 21 counties in illinois, 16 counties in oklahoma, six counties in idaho. 37 counties in south dakota, 48 counties in mississippi, 34 counties in minnesota, 47 counties in north dakota, 38 counties in missouri, 64 counties in tennessee, 76 counties in kentucky, 57 counties in arkansas, 23 counties in georgia, 67 counties in alabama, 20 counties in north carolina, 13 counties in california, three counties in hawaii, eight counties in oregon, seven counties in washington, three counties in utah and three counties in maine. four, the president has declared an emergency from flooding in 2011 for 28 counties in missouri, four counties in kansas, 18 counties in nebraska, 26 counties in louisiana, four counties in tennessee, 14 counties in mississippi and 22 counties in north dakota. b, purpose,, it is the sense of the congress that relief should be provided in the form of grants to families in areas affected by flooding to repair damage to their homes and in the form of assurances that such homeowners are not subjected to additional flood insurance premium increases
the bear attacked them. the teenagers were crossing the river about 100 mi. north of anchorage alaska. he was third in line of seven hikers walking on a trail when they came across a grizzly bear. state troopers believe the bear was protecting a cub. he sustained a bite new-line above his ankles. he kicked the bear to get away. the teams were on a 30 day wilderness education >> san francisco police are looking for whoever was involved in shooting a woman in north beach last night. police responded to this area on francisco street between taylor and mason streets around 9:30 p.m. after a woman was walking along, walking home when she heard rapid gunshots. then, she realized that she had been shot. it police to not know if she was hit by stray gunfire or if she was actually targeted. >> the u.s. government has exactly seven days to increase the nation's debt ceiling otherwise the government will not be able to borrow money to pay its bills. the president addressed the nation on the issue yesterday arguing that there is a balanced plan that offers republicans because they want while retainin
hours ago. >>> a richmond man is recovering after being attacked by a bear in alaska. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro just spoke to the victim's grandmother, kraig. >> reporter: yes, we did. i know they've probably been up most of the night trying to make sure their loved one is okay. the home is just a few minutes from here. i spoke to the grandmother of victor martin. he was victimized in this weekend's bear attack. she said he was taking part of this outing with his high school. the trip was put together by the leadership school, noel they call it and they are based in wyoming. when four of the students made it to the other side of the river they were attacked by the bear. one of the parents of one of the kids in this trip lives in denver, colorado, he tells us what his child told him about what happened. >> i guess they just came across this bear, sort of startled it, he was in the back. and the boy that was in the front may have gotten the worse of it. they just kind of startled and the bear started going after a bunch of the kids in the group. it got him and knocked him dow
were dealing with. and they were mauled very severely. >> reporter: now alaska state troopers say the group was able to set up their camp, activate their emergency beacon and then started administering first aid. at least two of the people suffered grave injuries but all are expected to recover. >>> the debt stalemate continues. we're going to have a live report with from the washington, d.c. newsroom. >>> and it's been another deadly evening in richmond. police are still looking for the suspect in the death of a 17-year-old man. now he was the city's 21st homicide victim of the year. the same number for all of last year. >>> it's really disturbing the lack of regard for human life that we've seen. >>> the youth in richmond have to make a decision for themselves to live not to take a life, but to live. >>> now just last week, richmond police announced the creation of a new gang task force. the main goal will be to stop this outbreak of violence. >>> police in oakland have arrested a suspect in a shooting saturday night that killed one man and injured a teenager. 21-year-old davis
in washington d.c. not all airlines will pass on the savings to you, most will pocket the money. alaska airlines is letting customers benefits. spirit kill what prices prices and jet blue will refund the amount. they will lose $200 million each week that a tax plan isn't in place. >>> the faa shut down means work on the new control tower is on hold. 60 workers were told not to report to work today and they will not return or get paid till the tax is back in place. >>> nice mild day around the bay area today, temperatures in the 70s and 8 8 -- 80s. 64 in san francisco. thanks to the fog. 83 in concord. 75 in san jose. and similar conditions are expected as we head into tomorrow. coastal and bay fog for the most part at 7:00 a.m. looks like it clings to the coast line for most of the afternoon tomorrow. otherwise we will see sunny and mild conditions through the bay area. temperatures begin to warm wednesday. i will have details in a bit. >>> two men suspected in the bryan stow case were connected to other assaults. bryan stow was attacked after the opening game in los angeles. the two men were i
or anyone in the public is at risk. >>> form are alaska -- form are alaska governor -- form are alaska governor -- former alaska governor sarah palin said she will announce august whether she will run for president. she says she could win a campaign against barack obama. she says she would can pane with a -- campaign with a candidate not so oppressively part san. she is not saying -- partisan the she is not saying whether or not she is a candidate. >>> passenger traffic at baltimore international airport bwi set another record. governor o'malley said wednesday that more than 2 million passengers traveled through bwi back in may that was an increase of almost 7% over may of 2010. and all time record for may. the airport has set monthly passenger records the past 12 of the 13 months they started counting. >>> not thrilled about the proposed toll hikes we have been talking about? tonight is the last chance to speak out against this. they were originally five -- nine hearings and they were scheduled by the mta. however, they add one more. the meet-- added one more. the peteing -- meeting t
republicans added to the bill. >> well a heart stopping story emerging from the wild of alaska. young victims of vicious grizzly bear attack now talking about being mauled. bay area teenager among them has just landed in the bay area this evening. 18-year-old victor martin and his team mates were taking part in a month long wilderness survival program for your ban youth. it was on saturday when they were attacked by a grizzly who was with her cubs. martin ankle and feet were bitten even after being attacked he helped save the lives of 2 other teenagers. very close call. instructors spent 3 weeks training the teenagers before letting them depend for themselves in the will dear nechltz during the program final week. that was when every skill the teenagers had learned was suddenly put to the test. fv we spoke with one young man who describes in greater detail exactly what happened in the in alaska. >> on the last leg of the adventure 17-year-old sam got and his fellow hikeers were walking down a shallow alaska stream and into the most dangerous situation of their lives fichlt person in fro
. >> thank you. mr. chairman? >> thank you. let me emphasize the last point with alaska and the border. if there's issues that you identify that may be gaps or you're unaware because the information isn't there, i think we need to know that because of the work. i know my state does. i know your state does with canada on a regular basis. they visit our offices fairly regular because of issues of trade and fish and many other things that i think it would be very important for us to know, and i think a part of our role should be to assist and make sure their standards equal -- obviously love to exceed, but at least equal to what we require at this moment. as you do that analysis, can you step to the next level saying here's areas we were unable to analyze, but clear we need review of. i think that's what senator cantwell is trying to get to. we want to help and make sure -- we need to know you should sit in a room like this and say they are and fill in the lank. that's the relationship we need with the oil spill capacity. i think that's where you were going. >> yes, mr. chairman, thank y
. temperatures on the cool side. i thought we'd take a pique eek alaska. 60s for anchorage and for fairbanks. sometimes alaska is a lot warmer. just not the case right now. portland, san francisco, once you get interior, much warmer. salt lake city 94. even tomorrow the interior west will be a lot warmer. if you're watching us on khnl watch sea creatures capture their meals at a special feeding. marine munchies at the waikiki aquarium. >> like a mini-nemo. we know all about that. now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. this weekend in theaters, the harry potter film franchise said good-bye to its fans and hello to the record books. "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" took in over $168 million, beating the previous best opening weekend record of $158 million held by 2008's "the dark knight." it also set the record for best opening day with $92 million. and best midnight show debut with $43.5 million. overseas the film earned $307 million since opening day wednesday. the best international debut ever, including record openings in england and australia. "transf
is talking about when he woke up on a airplane and found a scorpion on his sleeve. it happened on an alaska earls flight from seattle to average -- airlines flight from seattle to anchorage. >> i thought it was a bug and i felt it crawling on my hand and looked up and said oh my god it's scorpion. >> it bit his arm and since he is was in the middle of the flight he had to wait until he landed to get eat checked out. even pear medics -- paramedics seemed freaked out. they had to google what to do after looking at the guy. he was okay. they think the scorpion stowed away after a stop in austin, texas, but get this alaska airlines so generous, two round trip tickets for his trouble and he he has 16,000 frequent flyer miles. that's one trip. >>> all right. stay with us this morning. what is your favorite fast-food chain? there's a list out and it may surprise you. >> mine is not on it. this one list of college with the steepest tuition hikes. we will tell you about that coming you. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as c
with justin. >> thanks. anybody reckize the irony alaska -- recognize the irony? alaska airlines? >> it was a toe stoa away maybe he was on a cruise. >> maybe they -- stow away. maybe he was on a cruise or something. >> the local tropical scene on the beaches. we will start off in delaware at mid-60s. a partly cloudy sky. we will go to ocean city where just inland, 63. this is interesting sometimes we have cooler temperatures inland overnight and heat up during the day and moderated along the beach line. and the sea breeze kicks in. that's the air conditioning this weekend. high uv index expected statewide. i want to give them respect. we will show you some of the weather conditions back into the mountains in the next half- hour. but for right now, we are focusing on on ocean -- focusing on ocean city. we started heating things up to isolated showers and trying to really pinpoint some of the disturbances. one might reach late sunday into monday morning. and daytime temperatures should still be aim for 92 even on the 4th of july. let's see what's happening on the road with tonya.
eagles except alaska because at the time, alaska wasn't a state. it was still a u.s. territory. >> we're five hours away from the launch of atlantis, the final planned mission of the program. the four person crew arrived at the space center on monday. it will take atlantis on a 12- day mission. the crew will bring supplies and spare parts to the station. astronauts will spend the next few days training and spending time with family before friday's launch. our kristin fisher is heading to the kennedy space center for this launch. it leads up to the final blastoff scheduled for 11:26 friday morning. when it is done with space travel, atlantis will be put on display at the kennedy space center in florida. here in our region, we'll be getting "discovery." the shuttle will go to the center near dulles airport. it took its final flight this past february and it is the first shuttle to be retired. nasa is making sure "discovery" is ready for museum life. >> we've taken care of her for all of these years. it will be hard for many people to realize we're no longer responsible for that. someo
. the tactics police aren't giving up onto help stop it. >>> a bear attack in alaska injuries seven teens. how they put their survival skills to the test. no good evening. it seems like a small crime but it's launch aid major disagreement over police tactics. a patrol to catch fair jumpers on muni led to a shooting and a death. one group's approach to prevent that from happening again. >> reporter: their presence angered many. police officers on the muni checking for fair evaders and serious criminal activity. some residents call it harassment. >> every day, always. >> you know you have to pay. >> or they try to intimidate us. all day. terrorizing the community. >> reporter: it was a fare check on a parole's that ended in a gun battle. kenneth hardy was killed accidentally by his own gun. there has been tension in the community sense. african american church leaders have come up with an idea, beginning tomorrow they will walk the platforms and pay the fares for those who can't afford it. is it sending the message you can just get a free ride? >> no it'll reduce the tension. right now you w
to getting back out into the wilderness. maybe not in alaska or bear country. >> all smiles around as the happy family welcomes home the teens who survived a grizzly bar attack. simon arrived on wednesday. he was in alaska at a wilderness training school. he is not seriously hurt but several of his friends were. the teens were credited for use the emergency skills to help save each other. >>> remember the moment when happy days stopped being cool? we know it. it was when fonzi jumped the shark in the leather jacket. >> one man takes the phrase literally and it's all caught on tape for you to see. >>> and we will look at severe weather causing flash flooding in parts of the southern u.s. you are watching "good morning maryland." we will be right back. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline, we have a flight that fits your budget anywhere southwest flies. but the sale can't last forever, so you need to hurry and use this to go to southwest.com and book your flight befor
the last 13 years been for you? >> it has been amazing. i'm from alaska. and coming here to washington, d.c. has been pretty extraordinary. we started planning the new center back when i first came and have it come to fruition this year and for people who haven't come to see it, it is absolutely stunning. designed by bing tom which has won 15 national awards. >> is that so? that's wonderful. arena stage is more than a place to see theatre. you have so many incredible programs, educational programs for the community. >> that's exactly right. that's exactly right. because buildings are buildings. but it is always what you put inside. what the artistic integrity is. so, arena stage is about production, presentation, development and study of american theatre. and we're the largest theatre in the country that focuses in this way on american artists. so, in production, we produce anywhere from five to eight productions a year that are all created in-house. >> that's wonderful. >> oklahoma is a great example of that. >> you had "oklahoma" last year. it was so successful, you brought it back. and
in alaska. he was one of seven people on a survival creek when the attack occurred. ktvu kraig debro is talking to the victim's grandmother and have a report at 7:350 and have more on how the boy is doing. >>> blake keply was a passenger on a holland america ship on a seven-day cruise in alaska. on friday, a crew member reported him missing and that he possibly went overguard. they used helicopters to try to locate him but there was never any sign to them. >>> a very close to a woman who got bad advice from her device. the gps told her to take a long turn. the blame of her car got stuck on the tracks. it took two toe trucks to get her free. >>> a new government says the chickenpox vaccine has made a big difference in the death rate from chicken box. the study found they fell from 115 a year autopsy the way up to 14. the u.s. began vaccinating against chickenpox in 1995. a drop in the number of deaths after the vaccine had become available for 12 years. >> well, there could be a boom of cheaper generic prescription drugs in the last knew paints. -- months. seven of the top selling dru
teenagers including a young man from richmond were attacked by a grizzly bear while hiking in the alaska an wilderness. it happened in a town 120 miles north of anchorage. the 18-year-old richmond student was participating in a survival course by the national outdoor leadership school. and tonight we spoke to his family. the richmond native had never been camping a day in his life before joining a month-long survival course in the alaska an wilderness. his family was shocked when he called and explained he was attacked by a giant grizzly bear. >> he said the size of my grandma's lexus. >> they said the bear mauled two students and then turned and began chasing him. >> he said that when he saw the bear he ran, and then he looked back and then he fell and saw the bear and the bear got on him, and then he started kicking the bear. he kicked it in the nose. >> the bear ran off, but not before biting him several times in the ankles and feet. two of the several students were badly mauled and victor was forced to use his survival skills as they waited eight hours for help. it was the 24th day o
surviving a grizzly bear attack in the mountains of alaska. >> on saturday night, martin was on a survival skills hike with six other people when they came face to face with a mother bear and her cub. martin was in the front of the group and suffered a bite wound to his ankle trying to fight off the bear. his older sister says it's a relief to finally have him home. >> it was nerve-racking. we were frightened. we wouldn't have expected something like this to happen, not to our brother, know. we are happy he is home and safe and strong. >> martin was in alaska as part of a 30-day wilter december trip. two people who were on the hike suffered serious injuries during the attack. they are still in the hospital in anchorage. >>> a bear in north lake take who was shot and killed after wondering into a supermarket parking lot sunday at incline village. nevada wildlife officials say the 350-pound bear walked up to people sitting at an outdoor cafe. a wildlife crew captured and killed the bear. they say this is the third time that this bear had to be captured by wildlife workers. >>> a woman was sh
flight to alaska, not snakes but a scorpion on a plane. the recent incident was on an alaska airlines flight from seattle to anchorage. the scorpion was apparently a stowaway from texas. passenger jeff ellis was taking a nap at 30,000 feet but woke up to the burning sting of the scorpion on his arm. ouch. >> my tray table was down, i grabbed a napkin, picked that thing up and just held onto it, it was just like a natural reaction to grab it. >> that's one way to wake up from a nap. jeff has a mark on his arm but suffered no other ill effects. >>> now we want you to meet ethel learum of wisconsin. take a listen. ♪ can you believe this lady just turned 95 years old and not only plays the piano but also the organ and the accordion and now she is taking up the violin. pretty sweet. >>> this morning on "the early show," maria sharapova's amazing wimbledon comeback. i'm betty nguyen. this is the "cbs morning news." what makes hershey's s'mores special? hershey's chocolate goodness, that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more. you make it special. pure hershey's. [ male announ
an update for you in a couple minutes. >> plus, a bay area teen survives a bear attack in alaska and used. skills to help save the lives of two other teens. good monday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> top story this morning, two men now accused of beating bryan stow are set to make their first court appearance in los angeles. we have exclusive pictures of them. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general where stow is recovering. >> reporter: stow's family is dealing with so much. his health which is so unpredictable. he is still in serious condition. this case has taken different directions. it's focused now on these two men. it shows 29-year-old luis sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood at the game right before bryan stow was beaten. their arrest clears giovanni ramirez. he was the man that was first declared the suspect. l.a. police now admit he was the wrong guy. >> it's important to recognize los angeles police department it's just as important to exonerate the innocent as to implicate the guilty. that is what we did in this case. sometimes it takes longer
of alaska. the 18-year-old is back now to a very excited family. his terrifying ordeals in the wilds of alaska has become a national tv story. >> i wasn't fun, i can tell you that it wasn't fun. >> reporter: the teen said he did not have enough time to bring out the bear repellent spray. >> i kicked him, bam you don't mess with me. i was scared, i was scared. >> reporter: they said they surprised the adult bear and cub while crossing a stream, triggering the life and death struggle. >> i felt everybody put their life on the line. and i had to do my part, that would only be right. >> reporter: some of his comrades are in worse shape. two are still hospitalized in anchorage. he said waiting eight hours for help was difficult. >> other than dealing with the attack, that was definitely the hardest part because the whole time i'm worried, what if the bear comes back what happens, you have two people that can't walk and i'm limping. >> reporter: martin says he still has to recover from his bite wound but is getting ready for college this fall. >> it's not my time. i still have a lot to do,
by a grizzly bear in the wilds of alaska. the 18-year-old is back now to a very excited family. his terrifying ordeals in the wilds of alaska has become a national tv story. >> i wasn't fun, i can tell you that it wasn't fun. >> reporter: the teen said he did not have enough time to bring out the bear repellent spray. >> i kicked him, bam you don't mess with me. i was scared, i was scared. >> reporter: they said they surprised the adult bear and cub while crossing a stream, triggering the life and death struggle. >> i felt everybody put their life on the line. and i had to do my part, that would only be right. >> reporter: some of his comrades are in worse shape. two are still hospitalized in anchorage. he said waiting eight hours for help was difficult. >> other than dealing with the attack, that was definitely the hardest part because the whole time i'm worried, what if the bear comes back what happens, you have two people that can't walk and i'm limping. >> reporter: martin says he still has to recover from his bite wound but is getting ready for college this fall. >> it's not my time. i st
will have the latest on the asian market at 6:30. >>> a bear mauling in alaska has injured a richmond teenagers. he was a group of teens attacked by a mother bear with her cubs this weekend. two teens suffered injuries. however the richmond teen identified as victor martin has already been released from the hospital. martin was taking part in a survival training when they were attacked. it's unclear if the bear was a grizzly or brown bear. joining us now is megan peters, what can you tell us about what happened? >> reporter: there's a group of teenagers that were participating in this outdoor leadership program, they were at the end of their training, they were off on an individual group session where they were practicing their skills without one of the adult instructors. as they were crossing a river, creek in the area where the attack occurred, they were single file one at the other crossing, the people at the back of the line reported that when they were still crossing, but the people at the front had made it across. they heard the people in the front screaming that there was a bea
survived a bear attack while on a leadership training exercise in alaska. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. dozens of the teenagers came as far away as new york for the outdoor leadershipraining program in alaska. they had been in the wilderness for aboutsh a month and were crossing a river when the attack happened. the bear who was apparently protecting a cub attacked. nbc's bay area kimberly tere spoke with the family of the bay area boy who survived the attack, and what a story he has to tell. kimberly? >> reporter: victor martin got away lucky with only a bite to his ankle. he has been treated and released and is already headed home. expected here at oakland international airport tomorrow evening. victor martin of richmond was among a group of teenagers taking a survival skills course in the alaskan wilderness when a brown bear with her cub attacked. >> he said the bear had chased him, and he fell down and started kicking, and all he could do is kick and pray. >> in this case, it sounds like they just stumbled upon a bear. it was the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: it happe
victor martin left richmond for the adventure of a lifetime. a month in the remote alaska wilderness. he expected challenges but never expected to find himself facing an angry brown bear protecting her. he told his family the attack happened so fast he didn't have time to defend himself. >> he said the bear had chased him, and he fell down and started kicking him. and all he could do was kick and pray. >> reporter: the bear bit his leg, but martin got away. two other boys were much more severely injured including 17-year-old sam gotsigan from denver, he suffered two broke ending ribs, a punctured leg, and bite to the head. his dad said his son knew the trek had risks. >> he wanted to do something longer and something more out there. so he -- he chose it. he chose going to alaska. >> reporter: state troopers say the students' survival training may have saved them. >> this was a group of kids that was prepared. they were out there in the field to learn survival skills, and they had been learning survival skills and had good equipment with them. after the bear attacked and le
. thank you very much, steve. time is 4:42. legal troubles for the state of alaska this morning and it all centers around one woman's driver's license. >>> and the bay area could lose its only major horse racing track. what may replace golden gate field. >>> good morning. if you're driving on the golden gate bridge southbound 101 traffic looks good coming down to the toll plaza. and the fog is not an issue. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year. yourur kids will each take caref our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all. >>> good morning. low clouds making a march over the bay. once they peel back we'll have sunshine. might be a longer process by the coast. 60s 70 coast and bay mid-8
: thank you. i'd like to thank the senator from alaska for allowing me to jump ahead in the queue. i will have a few things to say at the end but i'm rising to talk about an issue that's actually separate. mr. bennet: i've been talking about the debt limit and the debt reduction negotiations but today i wanted to talk about another absurd and needless washington-inflicted -- what i can only think of as a mistake and that is the partial shutdown of the f.a.a. this shutdown while buried in the headlines, is affecting colorado jobs and the economy across the united states, mr. president. unable to walk and chew gum at the same time, congress' inability to resolve this impasse has caused the furloughing of thousands of workers nationwide and put at risk several very important summer construction projects at our airports in colorado. earlier this year, the senate worked together to pass a long-term f.a.a. re-authorization bill. this important bill which i supported will modernize our nation's air transportation system and reduce truck and costly delays. the american people would be astoni
. nor does "newsweek" think it's helpful to know that she is the most unpopular politician in alaska with only 39% approval rating. palin has seen those polls. she is smart enough a politician to know that the polls indicate she could not even win the republican nomination for presidency, nevermind the presidency. so she knows she's lying when she says i can win. but the only palin poll that the newsweek article refers to is the 80% approval she had in alaska before john mccain chose her as his running mate. in other words, before she actually became the national political performance artist now known as sarah palin. "newsweek" does everything it can to make the madness of sarah palin seem reasonable. consider this paragraph explaining why palin did the unthinkable and quit her governorship into her term. palin tried to do something that hadn't been done for 20 years, return to the governor's chair after defeat on a national ticket. michael dukakis was the last to manage it in 1988. former democratic allies now treated her like the opposition and disaffected republicans were not incl
as yesterday. not as much drizzle but as long as we still have the flow coming straight from the gulf of alaska we're going to have a cool sea breeze. step outside and cooler than yesterday. from 50 in santa rosa to 57 in oakland, everybody in the low to mid-50s. this afternoon we'll see more sunshine and that breeze will still keep us cooler than average. look at inland valleys, throw mid-70s and around the bay shore mid to upper 50s to low 60s around the coast and into san francisco and richmond. around the monterey bay, clouds around monterey, 64. low to mid-70s santa cruz gilroy and hollister. how about the accu-weather seven-day forecast, all seven days, at least half if if not two-thirds of it below average temperatures through sunday and then as we head through monday and wednesday, get a warming trend. good morning, sue, you have an update? >> we have a live shot. this is the sinkhole we've been reporting, buckling roads, guadalupe parkway, southbound 87 at the virginia overcrossing. its 30 by 30 foot sinkhole. crews are on the scene and trying to get it repaired they say by 12:00 noon
west. the least time was 7.6 weeks, followed by south dakota, montana, and alaska. people in south carolina are out of work the longest at 29.2 weeks. >>> 5:35's the time. police are looking for help this morning from the public. but it's less about what you know, and more about what languages you can speak. arlington county police say you could be riding along with them if you join the bilingual ride along program. they're looking for anyone who can speak spanish or french, mongolian, arabic, and several african dialects to help officers while out on patrol. volunteers would also be called in to help with translations during investigations. police say they want to make sure they can communicate with as many people in the county as possible. the program requires a commitment of about ten hours per month. >>> happening today, we will learn how the u.s. will fight organized crime in this country and around the world. later this morning, attorney general eric holder and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will join members of the national security team to fight organized c
of alaska. >>> thousands of postoffices across the country are going to be under the microscope. we'll tell you why the u.s. postal is taking a closer look at one of every 10 of its branches. >>> good morning thank you for joining us. tuesday july 26, i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. >> mostly clear now, there are some areas that do have some fog. but yesterday was fog city all the way out to sacramento. that's not the case today, sunshine earlier, 60s, 70s, a little warmer than yesterday. >> and this morning we are looking at the golden gate bridge and traffic on 101 in southern marin does look good. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> today the search for suspects that fired at officers. jade hernandez is live with what the suspects may have been trying to hide. >> reporter: the gates opened about an hour ago. it's finally starting to get light out here. authorities are expected to be out here looking for suspects in a shooting and for possible marijuana operation in the rugged terrain in the park. a police ranger found himself
in the gulf of alaska. that will give inland areas a cool down. the biggest cool down went be until friday and son. so 60s & 70s and 80s by the coast. additional cooling takes us thursday into friday. >>> analysts say drivers shouldn't expect to see another big drop in gas prices this summer. the price at the pump could drop a few more pennys before labor day but they are backtracking on earlier forecast that prices could fall to $3.40 a gallon. right now they are down 30- cents from a month ago. >>> it looks like people are doing the staycation. record attendance at the marin county fair this year. attendance up 5% this year. the second highest level ever. the fair reports ticket sails topped $1.3 million. along with record setting food, drink sales, and parking revenue in the fairs history. >> wow. >> we were there for quite a few days. it's great. >>> this is great. the next two hours we will find out where some talented young athletes could be if they make an upcoming olympic change. >>> a body found burning in san francisco. what the victims family says may be a motive behind that cri
forward to getting back into the wilderness maybe not in alaska. >> it was having an emergency training on how to help one another. >> i meant accidently mistaken as cigarette lighter and and i've done she accidently shot her daughter >> i picked it up and and it did new-line my we're giving it to my friend in went off the we did not know the girl has been released from hospital but she still has the bullet in her arm police are investigating >> we have a new report on people behaving badly we have a new report and take a look out at our roof cameral it i. we'll be right back >> + 0 is being badly today has new buildings and new construction and it new way for people her to be a bad with >> this man to the left of this screen is urinating in public this city worker wearing the mask lanes of feces and urine three times a week this is outside of the federal building. it is right next door to breathtaking views from this new condo look at these said a class at the doors at a cafe they were smashed on friday preparing even on a federal building at texas this one all appears to will have bee
in alaska. he explains how it went down just ahead. unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. >> first, 3:00 in morning the political standoff and showdown over the debt crisis continues with time running out for lawmakers to prevent the government from defaulting. quite a thing. it has never happened in this country. nobody dreamed it might happen. lawmakers have until next tuesday to keep from it happening. to do so they need to raise the nation's debt ceiling but can't seem to agree on terms. >> the president said let's figure out a way to get to yes. and the speaker walked away for the second time. >> president is looking for a blank cheque. we have a bill that is a reasonable approach. we negotiated with the senate leadership that really is common sense. >> republicans know it is untenable to democrats and the white house. >> shepard: the debt ceiling is the legal limit the country can borrow to pay its bills. if congress doesn't raise it the government will have to pick which bills to pay. social secure , military pay could be on the chopping block. leading to higher in
: and this was one of the rarest events that happened in alaska. two small planes collided in midair but nobody got hurt. the pilots did not see each other as the planes traveled in opposite directions. so, away it went. this is lake clark pass in alaska. and david lee, how is it possible they did not see each other? >>reporter: a couple of reasons. neither aircraft was using radar. both used visual flight rules and the two aircraft were flying through a very narrow canyon and when you are told an oncoming aircraft is in the distance coming dead on could look like a motionless specific. and now a look at a reconstruction of what authorities believe happened. the plane with nine on board and the other had four people on board at a slightly higher altitude and the cessna hit the tail of the piper and the owner of the piper said the passengers on board and the pilot after the impact had no idea what had happened. >> they did not see it, they did not feel anything that was horribly out of the ordinary so they thought they hit a bird and they get out of the plane and they understood the miracle. they sa
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